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Online Rock, Paper, Scissors Game!

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I would like to present to you my first game, Online R.P.S. v1.0!!!!

Information :

Its the basic Rock, Paper, Scissors.. but you can play online with a friend (It only supports one client).

It has a decent example of GUI and TCP features.

How to play with other people : (Common since)

Your going to need to know a little bit about 'Net-working' and TCP.

Well really all you have to do is forward a port on your local IP address.

After you forward a port... open the server and type in the port that you forwarded and start the server.

Start the server and then tell your friend the port # and your 'Global' IP address.

Then tell your friend run the client and type in the port # and IP address, then your friend clicks connect.

He should be able to connect and after he connects click 'Start Match'.

Download (Media-fire) **Includes compiled version and source : http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?oytdzyiymz2

~~ Hope you enjoy!! ~~

- John! :)

Latest Projects :- New & Improved TCP Chat

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