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can PixelSearch look for a second of set colour?

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Is there a way to make pixelsearch look for the second pixel of a certain colour in an area?

I know that there's already one of this colour, but i'd like to check for a second. is there some way of doing this with PixelSearch, or would i have to do it manually with GetPixelColor, and miss out the one that i know is there?









Pretend that's a square, and i know that dot "y" is black, and the rest are probably white. but, one (or more) of the "x"'s might be black - but i don't know if it is. how can i check for this? (it doesn't matter what coordinates it has) i need a return of 0 if all of the "y" pixels are white, and a return of 1 if any of them are black.

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