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I have been using the Autoit version that allowed me to use RunasSet until recently when I started using GUI. Because of this I have had to upgrade to the newer version which removes RunasSet and replaces with Runas / RunasWait

I seem to be having difficulty now controlling / detecting the existence of a window. I am running an installation which does a silent install then at the end asks me for a reboot. I have the window detection in an adlib and this never sees the window now I am using the new RunAs command

I have tried with the logon_flag for 0 and 1 (Option 2 for network credentials only fails to even start up the program)

Is there something simple I am doing wrong or not understanding ... I have built quite a few systems using the RunasSet version of Autiot. I used to update my version on a regular basis to get the benefits but when I realised the RunasSet was removed I tried the new RunAs but failed to get it working so I avoided it until now.

Any help appreciated

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