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AVG Antivirus Update Downloader

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I want to download the update files for ordinary AVG Antivirus to multiple pc's on our network. I'll configure the pc's to look on a network folder (instead of dubious internet) for these updates.

During my casual research on these forums, I figure I have to write most of it from scratch. Anyone with UDF's that might help please step forward:


1)Get text file represenation of an "ftp" site:

$RemUpdateDir = "http://download.grisoft.cz/softw/70/update/?C=M;O=A"

InetGet($RemUpdateDir, $UpdatesAvailListF)


2)Make list of any new files since previous download

3)Exclude from this list files preselected by user (old updates)

4)Exclude files that are not updates (some MD5 files)

5)Exclude files that are just too big (could happen)

6)Download remaining files on list:

My so-called algorithm seems pretty clunky.

In 1) I read the whole file into a string and search the string for the filename which FOLLOWS "href=" to get the file links at the remote site. I saw a Novasoft UDF I can adapt.

If I get this done, I'll be glad to share it with all.


If I am too verbose, just say so. You don't need to run on and on.

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Given that I'm some random kid who has no clue what he's doing... :D Couldn't you just make a program that downloads the definitions file (for AVG) into a folder that all your computers can access. Then make another program that just copies the file and overwrites the current file with the newer update?

This seems way too simple for whatever your doing so I'm probably way off, eh? :)

edit: sorry! Didn't read the part where you just wanted to know how to download the file! :D

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Saunders: Thanks. I did not know that. I was trying to give it enough time.

ZeRo2157: Your point is right on. But there are a lot of big files with mangled names on that site and it grows every few days. I only want to dl the latest one or two, and I'm not sure how to make AutoIt pick those. If I dl them all every night, it will eat up a lot of bandwidth (it prob. wouldn't make any difference here, but I'm trying to make this thing "elegant." Besides, if this script is used frequently by others, it may aggravate Grisoft (AVG) because of the wasted bandwidth.)(PS: Is your avatar from Magic?)


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If I am too verbose, just say so. You don't need to run on and on.

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