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UVNC SC - UVNC-Helper - More Than VNC! - Updated June 23RD

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Hi all! ive been working on an AutoIt UVNC Single Click and ive got a good topic going on over at the UVNC forum, so i figured i would share here.

Checkout GUI screenshots on the UVNC forum

UVNC Forum Topic: http://forum.ultravnc.info/viewtopic.php?p=57791#57791

Src: http://teammc.cc/uvnc/more

Download: See uvnc forum (multiple ways to download)

I know the UVNC single click has been done before, but this is alot better in ways, from what ive seen, a few key points:

About UVNC-Helper:

  • Establishes a reverse connection to a listening viewer.
  • Size: ~598KB
  • Uses a slimed version of UVNC winvnc.exe (
  • Runs winvnc.exe in service mode or user mode automaticly to maximize stability and to increase Vista UAC support
  • Uses customizable embeded data in the executable to save your host, port and many more options
  • Command system to quickly execute simple tasks without alot of GUI interaction so things are easy on slow connections.
  • Special command "aptget" to download 'application packages from a repository (Mine by default: http://repo.teammc.cc).

I have high hopes for this program and if any autoit users find this usefull maybe you could watch this forum so i could use it to bounce autoit related ideas and questions around before bothering anyone else.

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