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XML Wrapper: Select n'th child node's attributes?

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I have an XML document similar in form to this:

<directory name="1.0">
    <file name="ahv.exe"/>
    <file name="help.html"/>
    <file name="help.jpg"/>
    <directory name="Resources">
        <directory name="en">
            <file name="crossProductLinkError.html"/>
            <file name="HelpViewerStrings.dat"/>
            <file name="linkError.html"/>

Is there some syntax I am unaware of for selecting attributes from the N'th child node of specified type (type meaning file or directory in this example)? Clearly, a simple XPath like "directory/directory/directory/file" is not appropriate here.

EDIT: How embarassing! I figured out all I had to do was use [n] to specify the n'th child node in the XPath, like "directory[1]/directory[1]/directory[1]/file[1]"

BUUUUT...I do have another problem. I can't seem to use the XML DOM functions right to get, for example, the name of the first directory. What should I use in _XMLGetAttrib?

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