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How Can I Add an IE Status Bar To $IE = _IECreateEmbedded()..?

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Is there anyway to Add a IE Status Bar To this code below..??

$IE = _IECreateEmbedded()
GUICreate("", 1100, 800)
GUICtrlCreateObj($IE, 0, 0, 1100, 800)
_IENavigate($IE, "http://www.google.com")
An embedded browser is missing some functionality. You may have to just create your own status bar on your GUI with _GUICtrlStatusBar_Create() and update it with your own code. You'll have to poke around for what properties you can still check in an embedded browser, like $oIE.readyState, etc.


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I cant seem to find much about _GUICtrlStatusBar_Create()..??

I just need like a IE loading progress bar.. that shows the loading progress when a webpage is loading..

has anyone made one like this before..??

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