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DOS alike Input Editor

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Hello everybody,

This is my attempt to create an universal DOS alike Input Editor, a program I started to write end 2008. It is working well, but I have a problem with the speed settings. If typing slowly, it works well, but some people can type very fast, and then problems arise, because a key is still pressed (= not yet released) while a finger of the other hand is already pressing another key... The result is that some characters are missing. At the other side, if the speed is too high (variable $i_StdChrSpeed) repetition of characters is possible.

Normally, when a key is pressed, say 'K', then another say 'E', the first key 'K' is still being captured. This means that when holding K and E pressed together a long time, you get KEKEKEKEKEK.... To solve this problem, it is necessary to be able to verify if the key K is released or not, before re-capturing it.

Because the listing is very long, I have linked three files for you to download:

File iops.au3 : http://www.charvi.com/au3/iops.au3

File iopsTest.au3 : http://www.charvi.com/au3/iopsTest.au3

File DOSLIKE.FON : http://www.charvi.com/au3/DOSLIKE.FON

After downloading the three files, please install the DOSLIKE.FON bitmap font.

Then, test iopsTest.au3, and I would like to hear suggestions from you...

Thank you in advance and have fun!

PS: note that NOT all characters are working, just the letters, left and right arrows, and Backspace.

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