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Really three parts in one package

1) Most people are likely familar with the program slickrun. My very simplistic version of this.

2) File manager based off examples in the forums. Can use Ctrl C, Ctrl V, Ctrl X. Backspace and enter

3) Program launcher, based off another script I wrote

It can be used in winshade mode (think winamp) or full sized.

When first run it will create 2 ini files and 2 blank text documents. (See end of script for details). These are created just for demonstration purposes. Edit the INI files as you like to customize the script. The text files are just there to demonstrate the slickrun

Added bonus, click and drag any window (but only on window frames). Hold down left mouse button and press right button to minimize window (but only on window frames)

Still to come drag and drop functionality


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I thought of Kitchen sink or Picea power but settled on Progress Explorer......If you have a better name it's not too late I can change the title :)

A rose by any other name......and I guess a thistle too

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