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Need help to emulate keyboard and mouse

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Hello autoit forum,

I hope somone can help me; I am trying to call winring0.dll from from openlibsys.org

so I can send keyboard and mouse( I/O device) click to another program , here is what I am trying to do atm:

Dim $init
Dim $stroke
Dim $SendInfoPort
$pt = "port"
$val = "value"

$init = DllCall("WinRing0.dll", "bool", "InitializeOls") 
$statut = DllCall("WinRing0.dll", "dword", "GetDllStatus")
$SendInfoPort = DllCall("WinRing0.dll", "none", "WriteIoPortByte", "ushort", $pt, "byte", $val); Iam not sure in this line if its correct and how to put the parametre port an value
; and Iam wondering how I can use command like this  ControlSend("Program","","","{Tab}") MouseMove(500, 500, 3) MouseDown("right")     
through this dll
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Here is the Synthx for the function WriteIoPortByte

VOID WriteIoPortByte(
    WORD port,
    BYTE value);

How I can find the port adress so I can send Data to it? and can I for exemple intercepte data from this commande MouseMove(500, 500, 3) to send it to the port with writeIoPortByte?

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