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Unexpected problem Pixelsearch, need help

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Hey, I've been working on a program that can detect small charms in diablo 2 characters inventory, but it seems, that when I do pixel searchs, it can find other things tht arents in inventory, like health status, how do you limit to where it searches for the specific pixels, the picture below shows what needs to be searched, everything else doesn't

Posted Image

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From the help file:



Searches a rectangle of pixels for the pixel color provided.

PixelSearch ( left, top, right, bottom, color [, shade-variation [, step [, hwnd]]] )


left left coordinate of rectangle.

top top coordinate of rectangle.

right right coordinate of rectangle.

bottom bottom coordinate of rectangle.

colour Colour value of pixel to find (in decimal or hex).

shade-variation [optional] A number between 0 and 255 to indicate the allowed number of shades of variation of the red, green, and blue components of the colour. Default is 0 (exact match).

step [optional] Instead of searching each pixel use a value larger than 1 to skip pixels (for speed). E.g. A value of 2 will only check every other pixel. Default is 1.

hwnd [optional] Window handle to be used.

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