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Read text from another window

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Hello :)

I have a musicprogram (Spotify).. this program plays a commercial between the songs each 10 song or something like that.. and i want to make a script witch changes to the next song a couple of seconds before the song is finnished, because then it will not come any commercial...

so the thing i need to read from the spotify windows is how long the song is, and how far out in the song i have lisended.

but obviously this changes between each song .. so how could i do this? :party:

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Wrong, the commercial will start anyways. I've been using Spotify myself for months so I know.

are you sure about this?? .. i've tried to change the song to the next one a couple of seconds before it changes automaticly, and i never got a comercial

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But i think i will try this anyway..

but i have a question about "pixelgetcolor"..

how can i make it chuck it in the spotifywindow if i have another window open..

and if the spotify screen is not maximized?

and if someone with a bigger/smaller screen than i have is going to try it?

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PixelGetColor ( x , y [, hwnd] )

The position control always stays at the same place (relative to the window size), so you can count the pixels from the right side.

Btw, 2 minutes ago a commercial break just started even though I did as you said, so now I'm 100% sure.

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