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EnumCDBurnDrives - List drives capable of winxp+ inbuilt writing

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1. i had such a requirement. one of my pcs has two drives one external one internal which doesnt support cd writing. i used to check from windows explorer earlier. now i can use this for the project i had stopped longgg ago.

2. i started off with another request from a user here and check wmi but imap2 is required to be installed.

this will serve as primitive functionality to show cd writable drives.

i have posted a wmi script to detect drive capabilities but that doesnt give to the point information in some cases.

> This UDF will list only the drives that are supported by windows xp inbuilt cd writing wizard. the ms link in the udf will explain if ur drive is not shown (of course, if ur drive is not shown and it is still supported by the win xp cd writing wizard, then thescript has failed pls report here thanks a lot )

sorry for creating too many topics. but i thought this would be seperate so can be kept seperate i hope i am not spamming, if this is gonna be useful to others.


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