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Yet Another Software Lister UDF for Uninstall Utilities.

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guys, of all the bits and pieces i've posted here, i would say this would be of use to most people who have been running around with uninstaller shells.

i am very sure this isnt one wasted thread for this reason:

1. this udf (and the GUI i am gonna build soon ...) IS different because you get only what u wanna see!!!!!

a. hide updates, just like appwiz.cpl / addremove control panel applet.

b. hide blank entries where there is no disp name no uninstall entry (whats the use ???)

c most important, very rarely known , it took me some time to spot this IMPORTANT difference. there is a key in registry which will let u hide system components, u are not gonna be allowed to do anything with the system components. and u can safely hide them so that end user doesnt delete system component thinking that it is just a blank entry !!!

pls try and comment. i will be building a gui around it which will be MUCH like the windows GUI but more features. ( less the space calculation, etc of course..)

thanks a lot..



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