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Now i've been searching for roughly 15-30 mins, couldnt find anything of use.

Im trying to make a stopwatch, and since i need it implemented in another program, i have made the function to update the timer label with AdLibEnable every second (1000 ms)

Now, i already know, TimerDiff outputs the time in millisecs there is between now, and when you ran TimerInit()


I actually solved my first problem now, but my second problem comes here:

As we all know, a piece of code usually dont output stuff like 00, 01, 02 etc.

But i hoped i could prettify my timer so it goes like 01:02:03 instead of 1:23:4 simply by typing in

$FSec = "0" & $SecoÝ÷ Ø­ì+¢x
£!j×'h«-éiÂ¥u·ÆÚÚjkyȵçbç×hæ­YçgzÇZË]4ÐÉÊzZ(ÉbëaÆ®¶­sb6æ6ÇVFRfÇC´uT6öç7FçG4WæS2fwC°¢6æ6ÇVFRfÇCµ7FF46öç7FçG2æS2fwC°¢6æ6ÇVFRfÇCµvæF÷w46öç7FçG2æS2fwC°¢6æ6ÇVFRfÇC·7F÷vF6Öæ6ÇVFRæS2fwC°¤FÆ$Væ&ÆRgV÷Cµ&Vg&W6gV÷C²Â¢5&Vvöâ2225D%B¶öFuT6V7Föâ222f÷&ÓТb33c´f÷&ÓÒuT7&VFRgV÷C´f÷&ÓgV÷C²Â#bÂsÂ32ÂCb¢b33c´Æ&VÃÒuT7G&Ä7&VFTÆ&VÂgV÷C³££gV÷C²ÂÂÂ#RÂs¤uT7G&Å6WDföçBÓÂC"ÂCÂÂgV÷C´Õ26ç26W&bgV÷C²¤uT6WE7FFR5uõ4õr¢4VæE&Vvöâ222TäB¶öFuT6V7Föâ220 ¥vÆR b33c¶ä×6rÒuTvWD×6r 7vF6b33c¶ä×6p 66Rb33c´uTôUdTåEô4Äõ4P W@  VæE7vF6 ¥tVæ@ ¤gVæ2&Vg&W6 b33cµ6V2Ò&÷VæBFÖW$Ffbb33cµ7F×òÒb33c´Öâ¢c bb33cµ6V2fwC²SFVà b33cµ6V2ÓÒc b33c´Öâ³Ò VæD`  bb33c´ÖâfwC²SFVà b33c´ÖâÓÒb33c´÷W"¢c b33c´÷W"³Ò VæD`  bb33cµ6V2fÇC²FVà b33c´e6V2ÒgV÷C³gV÷C²fײb33cµ6V0 VÇ6P b33c´e6V2Òb33cµ6V0 VæD`  bb33c´ÖâfÇC²FVà b33c´dÖâÒgV÷C³gV÷C²fײb33c´Öà VÇ6P b33c´dÖâÒb33c´Öà VæD`  bb33c´÷W"fÇC²FVà b33c´d÷W"ÒgV÷C³gV÷C²fײb33c´÷W  VÇ6P b33c´d÷W"Òb33c´÷W  VæD`  uT7G&Å6WDFFb33c´Æ&VÃÂ&÷VæBb33c´d÷W"fײgV÷C³¢gV÷C²fײ&÷VæBb33c´dÖâfײgV÷C³¢gV÷C²fײ&÷VæBb33c´e6V2¤VæDgVæ

P.S. Please tell me if something is wrong with the hour counter :) i dont think i got time to wait for a hour for that single reason :/

P.P.S. The Autoit bbcode button doesnt work in Google chrome, developers read this anyway, so why go post it somewhere else?

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