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print a random value

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Dear readers,

Mij code is as displayed here:

$msgrand = 1

$text0 = "....."
$text1 = "....."
$text2 = "....."
$text3 = "....."

Now I do this:

if $msgrand >= 1 Then
    $nr = Random(0, 9)

The problem is, that it wont send the chosen text. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

I want to display (send) one of the random text that has been set with $text0 up to $text3.

Best regards

P.S. the ;WHAT HERE? part should need a code, but I dont know the correct one!

something like Send($text[$nr]) maybe?

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I cant use

local $text = ["world domination!?", "level?", "boooooorrrringgg!"]

gives me the error:

C:\Users\Angelo\Desktop\sknnr.au3(4,9) : ERROR: syntax error

which points to:

local $text = ["world domination!?", "level?", "boooooorrrringgg!"]
Look at my code again. Notice that I specified how many items I was adding.

Broken link? PM me and I'll send you the file!

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