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is there in Autoit any equal command to c++ 'volatile'

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I need something working same as c++ 'volatile' in AutoIT. I have not so much experience with AutoIT and can't find right way, any guide since I don't know if it's exist and is possible.

( in c++ volatile tells program to take informations again from cells not from 'handy memory' )

(if not, is there another way?)

waiting for reply :D thx

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Welcome to the forums :D

Never heard of the volatile keyword before but to my understanding it seems it's just a way to tell the compiler not to optimize variable tests because the value can change externally at any time.

I really don't think autoit optimize parts of the code on the fly so something like this should be equivalent.

; We use a struct to get access to a real memory variable at a fixed size
; otherwise external code can't modify the variable. 

While Not DllStructGetData($s,1); Wait until s changes

Broken link? PM me and I'll send you the file!

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