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_gdiplus watermark

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Hey guys :D

I'm trying to watermark an image with another image.

I was successful doing this, but then I thought again - can I make the overlay-image transparent?

No, I could not. That's why I'm asking for your help! :D

This is my current code-

_GDIPlus_Startup ()

    $hBitmap1 = _ScreenCapture_Capture ("")
    $hImage1 = _GDIPlus_BitmapCreateFromHBITMAP ($hBitmap1)

    $hImage2 = _GDIPlus_BitmapCreateFromfile (@scriptdir & "\files\dsrack.jpg")

    $hGraphic = _GDIPlus_ImageGetGraphicsContext ($hImage1)

    _GDIPlus_GraphicsDrawImage ($hGraphic, $hImage2, @desktopwidth-310, @desktopheight-120)

    _GDIPlus_ImageSaveToFile ($hImage1, @scriptdir & "\" & $cmdline[1])

Can anyone crack this nut for me? ;)

Thanks in advance


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