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Helper During Fonts

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This script do help when we install many Fonts including already installed fonts. this script work well but when work finished script d'not end so plz help me about this script. Plz Correct This Script.!

While 1
    If WinActivate("Unable to install the font", "") Then
        F_F("Unable to install the font")
    Elseif WinActivate("Windows Fonts Folder", "") Then
        F_F("Windows Fonts Folder")
;~  Else
;~      ExitLoop

Func F_F($Title)
    WinActivate($Title, "")
    ControlClick($Title, "", "[CLASS:Button; TEXT:OK; INSTANCE:1]")
    Opt("MouseClickDelay", 1)
    Opt("WinWaitDelay", 1)

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