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Controlclick dosent work in my script :/

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I try write simple pixelsearch bot to Metin2, but i cannot send Conntrolclick (left) to inactive window here is the script;

Opt ('WinTitleMatchMode','2') 
Opt("WinWaitDelay", 100)
Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 4)
Opt("WinDetectHiddenText", 1)
Opt("PixelCoordMode", 2)
Opt("MouseCoordMode", 2)

Global $HWnD, $Full, $Title, $iButton

$Title = 'METIN2'
$Full = WinGetTitle ($Title) 
$HWnD = WinGetHandle ($Full)
$metin = "METIN2"
$Pickup = 0
$left = 'left'
While $Pickup = 0
    $cross = Pixelgetcolor( 575, 53, $metin)
    IF $cross <> 0xfffbff  Then
    IF $cross = 0xfffbff Then

Func mobsearch()
$coord = PixelSearch(100, 150, 650, 540, 0xEB1609, 50, 10)
If Not @error Then
    ControlClick ($HWnD, '','', $left, 1, $coord[0],$coord[1])
    ;Call ("fight")
Func fight()
;advanced options goes here


Any ideas to solve this problem ?

Sorry 4 my english.. :D

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i dunno about the rest, still checking that out, but to start with, u have an little error in your very first line:

you have:

Opt ('WinTitleMatchMode','2')

And command is:

Opt ("WinTitleMatchMode",2)

And yes i am having some trouble too to get control ids on metin2 for example, creating an hidden autopickup function... i can get it to type "zzzzzzz" in the "shout" but just cant pick nothing from ground! lol

I really suppose that we just have to figure out the right control ID... maybe in some "gethandle" of one of the following controls handles:



Im working now on how that works... i'm NOT that expert and starting this new autoit phase now, so, any more help is very welkome.

btw i got those handle codes with the AutoIt window info tool althoug running game in full screen cose im in a netbook atm.


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In the end those handle codes are some bug in the autoit window info tool...

Sorry my bad... back to 0 now... again! :D

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