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Uninstaller Pro (Version 2.22.2 )

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this is strongly under development, initially i have reached one stage where i have achieved almost the basic part of what i wanted. its for you to check it out and more, there is bit of bugs i could make use of some help. (as i am fully into something more, i am unable to spend time to look at something small i am missing, may be in future i will get it sorted..)

but initial public release is here.....

next major release would be to add search functionality and with next major update there is a big hop pending! (if i achieve it :-) )

this is just for atest run, to enjoy it. the exe file is good enough for use but the script code needs heavy reworking to make things faster, less cumbersome,e tc but once i get to where i need to go, i will sort those things out...

known bugs: (mostly due to time constraint and also due to ignorance!)

>>> shabby code - dont worry, it 'll be sorted out but at the moment is readable enough...

> Icons not loaded when default icon is not found ( i have another thread open which will now be brought back tolife! MAJOR BUG!) i had not seen the logic i have used elsewhere here. i would have been very happy if it had worked :-(

> once loaded iconspace is kept allocated, needs sorting out.

> History needs to be saved into some place soon...

> confirmation message needs to be centered to current window (move msgbox probably can be employed)

08 June 2009 - Version 1.13 released

> general minor gui modifications , sort / show updates checkboxes

> version info available in title bar now

> to make it best for novice users, hidden software wont be shown! - hidden software put pending for advanced verison due some time later..

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lots of improvement, awaiting user comments please.

> list view selection change event !

> icons betterment

> sort scenario sorted out more or less....

this now competes most freeware uninstallers in the way that it has more no. of icons, can hide updates, modify / repair option is shown for selected software....

of course lot of downs are there, wshich would be sorted sooon.

thanks a lot, autoit!!!!!

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