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Blindy remote control network application.

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I'm not new to autoit, but I haven't programmed it consistently for a while.

So anyway, i'm starting an application that is going to at first be network, it is giong to allow me to controll computers by hotkeys for certain commands at first.

Now I have the knowledge of how to code that, but another feature that I want is the ability to use keyboard control, so be able to set a hotkey to start typing, and have all the keys I then press sent through tcp and executed with the send function on the server.

I'm going to make it speak a few things to me on the client such as new window titles, and if I can menus and edit controlls, which I think I can code as well.

But what I need help with is the ability to read whatever key is pressed and send it through the connection. I've read up on a lot of things, such as the callback udf, but it seriously confuses me. I have no idea how it's checking the keys and what the parameters are.

Help would be appreciated.



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