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registry edit for windows explorer toolbar

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I'm googling around the net about registry editing for windows explorer tool bar(back, forward, up etc)

I did find how to customize it by right click on the toolbar and then choose the customize option.

And I also did find registry editing for 'disable the customize button' and 'lockdown the explorer toolbars' hack.

But, my problem is that I want to customize the toolbar the way i want with registry and then lockdown the toolbar.

I don't want to go to each pc to manually customize it lock the toolbar down.

Is it posibble to create a script with autoit just to use regwrite?


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ok i've been searching a lot about customizing windows explorer toolbar (back, forward etc) via registry but it seems imposibble as far as i know.

So, maybe i want to use autoit to automate it instead. How i do that because i can't seem to do it as Auto Window Info could't detect it.

I think Autohotkey can handle it(I didn't try it yet) as i found it here


anyway thanks

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Run (@WindowsDir & "\Explorer.exe", "c:\")
sleep (1000)
ControlHide ("", "", "ToolbarWindow321")
ControlHide ("", "", "ToolbarWindow322")
ControlHide ("", "", "ComboBoxEx321")
ControlMove ("", "", "ReBarWindow321", -1, -1, 25, -1); ?? not sure what you want to do here.

codes not perfect, but it gives an idea...


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