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Sliders and Button


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My Slider

Func ASE()  
    SetPrivilege("SeDebugPrivilege", 1)
    $ID = _MemoryOpen(ProcessExists("Process.exe"))
    $HP = _MemoryRead($AS, $ID)
    $HP = GuiCtrlRead($Slider1)
     While 1


Func RadioSpeed3()
 SetPrivilege("SeDebugPrivilege", 1)
    $ID = _MemoryOpen(ProcessExists("process.exe"))
If BitAnd(GUICtrlRead($Radio3), $GUI_CHECKED) = $GUI_CHECKED  Then
        _MemoryWrite($CTT, $ID, 300)
        While 1    

Do not edit the Value in the address like they are suppose to PLEASE HELP

My UDF:Freeze.au3-Freeze values like CE, ML, ETC[i][/i][u][/u]

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