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Registry Manipulation


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I need to know how to export a reg value in v3.  I have the syntax for v2, but I havn't been able to translate.  Any clues??

If export means the use of regedit /s to save in a file that's no change.

But If you were using

RegRead, Variable, ValueType, RegKey, RegSubkey, ValueName

now you get

RegRead ( "keyname", "valuename" )

I hope that help. Have the look at the help sometimes :whistle: it does

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RunWait (@ComSpec & "Regedit /s" & "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Atria\ClearCase


The above is one of the lines I have tried.  I'm I close??

Yes your are close just you miss a

RunWait (@ComSpec & " /c Regedit /s" & "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Atria\ClearCase


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"regedit /s" IMPORTS registry settings, I don't believe there's a way using regedit.exe to export a key.

You can use reg.exe built into WinXP. It's not included in Win2K, but I think it's in either the Win2K Support Tools or Resource Kit.

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"regedit /s" IMPORTS registry settings, I don't believe there's a way using regedit.exe to export a key.

Close, but all the /S switch means is "Silent". Here are the Regedit switches.

/L:system Specifies the location of the SYSTEM.DAT file.

/R:user Specifies the location of the USER.DAT file.

filename1 Specifies the file(s) to import into the registry.

/C filename2 Specifies the file to create the registry from.

/E filename3 Specifies the file to export the registry to.

Regpath1 Specifies the starting registry key to export from. (Defaults to exporting the entire registry).

/D regpath2 Deletes the specified registry key.

/S Silent merge (no confirmation dialogs)


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RunWait (@ComSpec & " /c" & " regedit /e" & " " & $outlook & " " & $reg_key)

1. where $outlook is c:\temp\outlook.reg and

2. $reg_key will end with the registry key you want exported to the above file location.

3. The " " forces a space between the arguments.

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FYI, it appears that the text file produced by "regedit /e" is badly formatted (contains lots of null characters).

This is issue only if you plan the read the reg file using AutoIt's FileReadLine.

One way to fix the file formatting is to do somthing like this:

RunWait (@ComSpec & " /c type " & $orgFile " > " & $newFile)

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