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SQLite: Library Used Incorrectly error

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I've been battling with a few "library used incorrectly" errors today. Here's a reproducible script:

#include <sqlite.au3>
#include <sqlite.dll.au3>

Dim $hQuery, $aRow, $thisAccount


$sql = 'SELECT * FROM `accounts` WHERE accounttype="email";'
if _SQLite_Query(-1, $sql, $hQuery) <> $SQLITE_OK Then
    debug("Error Code: " & _SQLite_ErrCode() & ";Error Message: " & _SQLite_ErrMsg())
While _SQLite_FetchData ($hQuery, $aRow) = $SQLITE_OK
    $thisRow = $aRow[0] & "|" & $aRow[1]
    debug("Got row $thisRow$")

Func debug($text)
    ConsoleWrite($text & @crlf)

The response I get is a consistent

Error Code: 21;Error Message: Library used incorrectly

So, some background info:

AutoIt: v3.3.0.0

SQlite.au3 says

; Include Version:1.78 (07.08.07)

; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
; AutoIt Version:
; Language:    English
; Description:  Functions that assist access to an SQLite database.
; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

So, not sure if that's compatible with Autoit or not...

SQLite.dll.au3 starts:

;Inline SQLite3.dll, Creation Time: 2008/12/17 19:16:18
Func __SQLite_Inline_Modified()
    Return "20081217191618"; 2008/12/17 19:16:18
Func __SQLite_Inline_Version()
    Return "3.6.7"

SQlite version is


Anyone got any ideas?



Edited by Andrew Peacock
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