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[..]How to query an third party running component ?

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I know this post should go into the 'Developper Chat' forum but I don't have any rights to post there.

Sorry about that.

I have to automate an application, and getting some info from the status Bar would be helpful.

Unfortunately this is a BCGPRibbonStatusBar from BCG company

and AutoIt can only see its class and window handle.

I would like to develop a User Defined Function so as to get the text from the first panel of the status bar.

This function would take a handle as a parameter.

I suppose I have to write a piece a C code which interacts with the DLL from BCG.

1) Do you think it is possible ?

2) Is there a 'how to' for Udf anywhere (certainly I did not search enough)

2) Where can I find some examples, for instance the existing C code which retrieves the text from the standard Microsoft Status Bar.

Thank you for your help

Kind regards


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