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Help creating a script to copy text files to clipboard

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I am trying to think of the easiest way to create a script or batch file that would take 3 or 4 text files and copy them all to a single text file (and then also copy the contents of that single text file to the clipboard).

This will be used to collect logs from about 3 or 4 different spyware scanners we use at work.

Almost all of the text files are always going to be in the same location and have the same name, except for logs from one of our tools. Those logs are always in the same folder, but it auto generates a name based on the date and time it was created. If the script could be told which folder that one logfile is located that changes, but have it only grab all logfiles with todays date (and nothing earlier) that would probably do it.

I know that I could do almost all of this with a simple .bat file, but I am having trouble on the logfiles that change... but then I realized I don't want it to give all logs and only ones from today, I thought it may be easier to do this in AUTOIT...

Unfortunately, I do not have enough experience with AUTOIT myself, I've only written one small tool but it does seem to work well, but this would be beyond my current skill set and I would like to get something put together for the next few days.


The entire script could have some sort of "clause" in it at the beginning that tells it to only get files created on todays date (or maybe todays and yesterdays), and then give me 2 or 3 lines that I could hard code for the non changing filenames, and then give me a place to put in a folder (but no filename) for the one folder that will have files that change, then just dump all of them to a specified text file and copy it to the clipboard, that should do it...

Any help or examples are GREATLY appreciated!


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Edit; Didn't read the whole first post, I'll do so now and see what I can do :D

Edit2; Will take to long time for me making this (got own projects)

But check out



Those functions are a must for this :D

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