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Passing Special Characters in folder names via AUTOIT Scripts (apostrophe)

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This may sound like a very newbie question, but I'm working on a script to manipulate text logfiles. I have it almost working the way I want it to, but one folder I am trying to do something with has a special character for the folder name which is throwing the script off. I know that in some languages, I would have to preceed the special character with some kind of code that tells it its just a string of text and not the ending quote for the current line.

The special character in question this time is an apostrophe '

If my folder did not have an apostrophe, it seems to be working, but I want to fix the script so it would be able to work with the default folder names of the applications we already use.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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It would be best if you posted at least one line of code so that we could point you in the correct direction.

i.e. if you are using Send or ControlSend - they both have flags to handle your issue.

If you are dealing with strings - the correct mixture and placement of double and single quotes should solve your issue.



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