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Hiring a AutoIT Coder

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Hello everyone,

I've wrote alot of good scripts with AutoIT and noticed the lack of security to late. Now i don't want to port everything into a diff. language.

My crypting skills are not good enough to make a crypter(or a not public version of a obfuscator).

All im looking for is some kind of a obfuscator or crypter for autoit which is not publich(best would be a selfmade with source so i can add my own stuff to make it safer).

I know you can't secure them good at all with autoit, but i atleast want it a bit more secure than using the obfuscator.

Im willing to pay a good amount of money via Paypal, if anyone can code me one.

Please send me an email to applescitycoder@hotmail.de (or add me on MSN)

ICQ: 302866863

Edit: btw wasnt to sure where to post it or if its allowed to hire on these boards, if not please delete my thread, thank you.


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or learn how to make your own encrypter by the examples on the forum

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