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TCPConnect Problem

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Global $server='cs118.msg.ac4.yahoo.com'
Global $port=5050
Global $address=TCPNameToIP($server)
ConsoleWrite('Address: '&$address&@CRLF&@TAB&'Error: '&@error&@CRLF)
Global $socket=TCPConnect($address,$port)
ConsoleWrite('Socket: '&$socket&@CRLF&@TAB&'Error: '&@error&@CRLF)
If $socket<>-1 Then TCPCloseSocket($socket)

This is giving me a -1 result. I am connecting to the yahoo server. My yahoo messenger can connect by using an HTTP Proxy how would it be possible to connect to the yahoo server using my existing HTTP Proxy. I have tried freecap and proxy firewall but it can't pass thru. Need help.

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