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Guest WIlly

Hey Folks, this is my first post, but I've been reading and studying a lot in the past

Few weeks. Let me first say that I'm not in anyway a programmer of scripts/websites/

or programs in general. I've made a simple script that works really neat. But I would like

to protect it from others stealing it or simply sharing it w/ their buddies.

How would I create a script or is there one that someone has or knows of that would be

willing to share with me. I'm thinking of selling the script, and I would like to put a "Random"

number, and a Password or Registration number to it automatically when they email me

their product number. I've seen the software out there that does this, but trying to be a bit

greedy and not pay $100.00 to $200.00, here's an example site that does what I'm looking for

http://www.chosenbytes.com/code-lock.php? .

So to break it down, I guess I would need a GUI that covers the Current GUI or a GUI that only

that goes away when the Registration code is correct couldn't hit x to exit or no title bar and

#notrayicon, (I have the idea, but no clue on where to start). They email me the Product ID (numbers),

I look it up, match it to the the Registration code, and email it back to them.

This has probably been done, but I can't find it anywhere, only "Random Password Generator",

that doesn't do what I'd like it to. I'm not looking for handouts (although I wouldn't turn them away),

more so to be led in the right directions.

Sorry for the long explination, just wanted everyone to know that I'm not a mooch, but I am totally


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Plus no matter what method you come up with, someone will figure out how to bypass it. And most people would use free alternatives or develop their own.

It's always been a "fighting a loosing battle," when I think about protecting software. Plus open source yields better software IMO.

Start -> Programs -> AutoIt v3 -> AutoIt Help File -> Index -> (The Function you are asking about)----- Links -----DllStruct UDFsRSA Crypto UDFs
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