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Just because i wanted to listen to all my favorite songs in a row in Windows 2000:

HotkeySet("{ESC}", "myexit")

If not FileExists("amp.ini") Then create()
$loop = IniRead("amp.ini", "loop", "loop", "nan")
$delay = IniRead("amp.ini", "sleep", "delay", "nan")
$looped = IniRead("amp.ini", "sleep", "looped", "nan")
If $loop = "nan" or $delay = "nan" or $looped = "nan" Then Exit
$song = IniReadSection("amp.ini", "songs")

For $i = 1 to $song[0][0] step 1
  If $loop = 1 and $i = $song[0][0] Then
    $i = 1
  If FileExists($song[$i][1]) Then SoundPlay($song[$i][1], 1)

Func create()
  FileWrite("amp.ini", "[loop]" & @CRLF & "loop=0" & @CRLF & "[sleep]" & @CRLF & "delay=2000" & @CRLF & "looped=3000" & @CRLF & "[songs]" & @CRLF & "1=" & @WindowsDir & "\media\ding.wav")

Func myexit()

Run it once, it will create the properly formatted INI, you can edit it from there.

Any questions/comments are appreciated!

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1. Create a GUI

2. Add file to play list/ delete from play list

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look at zero's media player that may help you out

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