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motherboard speaker beep?

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i was wondering if anyone would be able to help me if u can get the "motherboard beep" ....


when u boot up your comp and u mash the keyboard with the palm of your hand the speaker beeps ... or maybe if u turn it on

is that what a dial up modem uses ?? to produces its sound

because i was playing an old game from like the 90's called "captain cosmic" or sumthing like that, and the "theme music" for this game was made by making different pitches with the "motherboard speaker" as i say

so ne1 =)


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I had tried doing this a while back with ascii code 7 but ended up using this. It produces the standard beep.

$hertz = 450
$duration = 100
DllCall ("kernel32.dll", "long", "Beep", "long", $hertz, "long", $duration)

Edit: I just found this in another post. It'd easier than making a api call if you just need a beep.

Run(@ComSpec & " /c "&chr(7),"",@SW_HIDE)

But using the api call you can make music! :)

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