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Having issues Pixelsearching deicide online

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I am using this code to try and autofight deicide online


#cs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

AutoIt Version:

Author: Daxle






Script Function:

Template AutoIt script.

#ce ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

;Deicide Online Hack

HotKeySet("{ESC}", "Terminate")


$a = 5

While $a = 5

$monster = PixelSearch(0,0,1023,767,0xFFDFF38)

if IsArray ($monster) then

MouseClick("right", $monster[0], $monster[1], 2)

sleep (5000)

$gold = PixelSearch(0,0,1023,767,0x18160C)

if IsArray ($gold) then

MouseClick("right", $gold[0], $gold[1], 2)

sleep (5000);




Func Terminate()

Exit 0



and it doesnt seem to be searching within deicide online for a pixel, because as soon as i exit deicide the pixelsearch will click something with the same color on my desktop. Any ideas?

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