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Need help for silent installation script

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Hi everyone, I'm trying to write some programs with Autoit that will automatically install certain software applications. I found a script that helps me do it with Spybot as follows:

;Install program and update (Should be in same directory as script and named as used below)

RunWait(@ScriptDir & '\spybotsd152.exe /verysilent /components="" /tasks="" /norestart')

RunWait(@ScriptDir & '\spybotsd_includes.exe /S')

;Configure spybot to not show the wizard, legal notice, or update reminder

RegWrite('HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Safer Networking Limited\SpybotSnD', 'WizardRun', 'REG_DWORD', 1)

IniWrite(@AppDataCommonDir & '\Spybot - Search & Destroy\Configuration.ini','Main', 'Legals', 1)

IniWrite(@AppDataCommonDir & '\Spybot - Search & Destroy\Configuration.ini', 'Automation\WebUpdate','RemindUpdate', 0)

;Setup a scheduled task

$adminUsername = 'abc'

$adminPassword = '******'

If _isLaptop() Then

$scanTime = '16:00:00';HH:MM:SS


$scanTime = '04:00:00';HH:MM:SS


Run(@ComSpec & " /c " & 'schtasks /create /tn "Spybot Daily Scan" /tr "' & FileGetShortName(@ProgramFilesDir & '\Spybot - Search & Destroy\SpybotSD.exe') & ' /AUTOCHECK /AUTOFIX /AUTOCLOSE" /sc daily /st ' & $scanTime & ' /ru ' & @ComputerName & '\' & $adminUsername &' /rp ' & $adminPassword)

;If there is an internet connection autoupdate and immunize, otherwise just immunize

If Ping('www.google.com') Then

Run(@ProgramFilesDir & '\Spybot - Search & Destroy\SpybotSD.exe /autoimmunize /autoupdate /autoclose')

TrayTip('Updating Definitions', 'Please while the latest Spybot definitions are downloaded', 10)

If WinWait('Information', 'OK',120) Then

ControlClick('Information', 'OK','TButton1')

WinWait('Spybot - Search & Destroy', '&Check for problems')

WinClose('Spybot - Search & Destroy', '&Check for problems')



Run(@ProgramFilesDir & '\Spybot - Search & Destroy\SpybotSD.exe /autoimmunize /autoclose')

TrayTip('Error Downloading Updates', 'It appears you are not connected to the internet, skipping detection updates...',5)



Func _isLaptop()

$objWMIService = ObjGet("winmgmts:\\" & @ComputerName & "\root\cimv2")

$colChassis = $objWMIService.ExecQuery("Select * from Win32_SystemEnclosure")

For $objChassis In $colChassis

For $ChassisType In $objChassis.ChassisTypes

Switch $ChassisType

Case 8 to 14

Return True

Case Else

Return False





The script runs OK with Spybot. The problem is that I have to make similar programs with Notepad++, Chrome, Nero, etc...I wonder where I can find the installation parameters for those applications so I can correctly modify the code above in order to make it automatically install these applications. Any assistance and suggestion will be appreciated.

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Not having installed those silently, I'm not sure what their parameters are. But you can try opening a command window and putting a /? a /h -h --help or something similar after the install file to see if it lists parameters. If any of them are MSI files, then you can use the MSIEXEC command options. Google or the applications website should have the information you seek. Search for a list of silent install or silent deployment options.

I think Notepad++ is /S for silent installs.

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