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AAA Thumbnailer - Alpha


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This is a sister project to the great AAA Video Player, utilizing DirectShow to play (and in this case, capture frames from) videos.

Some features:

  • Create thumbnail's every X second.
  • Watch movies.

  • Fix unimplemented things (like groupwrites, custom output folder and filename).
  • Some HotKey's.
  • More/better settings.
Now remember this is a Alpha and it is called like that for a reason. Expect a few options to be disabled and strange humour lingering throughout the code :D .

A screenshot:

Posted Image

To use it you will need to place it in a subfolder under AAA Player, liko so:

If AAA Player is here:

C:\SomeFolder\AAA Alpha\

Then AAA Screenies could for example be placed here:

C:\SomeFolder\AAA Alpha\AAA Screenies\

This is because the video player started development first and they share alot of data. This may change in the future.


Posted Image Screenies_Alpha.zip (638.4K) Number of downloads: Posted Image

P.S. There is no real easter eggs, but you can find 2 hidden quotes in the GUI + alot of strange references in the source if you dare look :D

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Btw, you are wrongly presuming the location of DSEngine.dll and that's causing it not to work till fixed (and/or recompiled).

I thought someone would say that but it seems peoples are just speechless and you did explain that so everyone is ok with it except me I guess <- it's a link. Follow it all the way to the end :D

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  • 5 months later...

Funny. It should be "Could not locate remote server". ;)

(will reupload somewhere in the hour)

Edit: Uploaded to fuskbugg for now... Link

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  • 3 months later...

Well that was interesting, apparently the admin decided to delete the file. Funny. :(

As a temporary solution, I uploaded the zip to my webpage. http://hem.passagen.se/amax/autoit/Screenies_Alpha.zip

Why do I always choose the worst place to upload my files to?

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