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Security implementation to use script

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Hello Crew

I'm still very new to Autoit and Coding in general. I just want to raise an idea I had this morning.

Could you implement a security mechanism within a script which then is compiled into a utility that has a function just for example: Open a specific Document on a server location.

the user who executes the script is then prompted with an input box with a code they need to input before the utility will run.

Either some formula which due to the date, time and month they need to input a code which is either in a spread sheet or someone else who has a "key generator" can then on request give them the required code.

I have other ideas also if possible to when launching the utility it sends a email to a designated mailbox with a small brief on what computer is being used and the current login name of the user on the machine.

If anyone could point me in the right direction, any tips code sniptes or names of formulas i would need to use.

N.B. I am willing to read ebooks etc, just don't know the proper terminology.

Thanks in advance


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/Bump to the top :D

Just to make clear I am willing to read helpfiles, ebooks, other forums if someone could let me knwo key phrases to look for?

Thanks again.

N.B. sorry to bump, im just very keen :D

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