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ControlSend Appskey in Hidden Window

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I am trying to automate a simple procedure in a hidden explorer window.

Opt( "SendKeyDelay", '1' )
Opt( "WinTitleMatchMode", 2 )

Opt("GuiOnEventMode", 1)

RunWait("C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe /n, /e, D:\CME", "", @SW_HIDE); hides explorer
;RunWait("C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe /n, /e, D:\CME", "", @SW_SHOW)

ControlClick("CME", "", "SysListView321");Shifts focus to right side of Explorer
ControlSend("CME", "", "SysListView321", "{home}");Highlights top directory...works
ControlSend("CME", "", "SysListView321", "+{F10}"); Does not work

;ControlSend("CME", "", "SysListView321", "{APPSKEY}"); Does not work

WinSetState("CME", "", @SW_SHOW)

Would someone please try this code and tell me if ControlSending the appkey or the Shift-F10 combination works for them. You will need to change "D:\CME" to your own directory of choisce, however.

Thank you.

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