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check a file / go to position / begin script again

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for our firedepartment a want to handle a alarmfax (*.tif) with an ocr software.

my questions:

1. i have to check if there is a *.tif file in a directory all 5 seconds

when the file is there i want read at a special position a word.

2. when the word is "alarmfax" -> go to position xyz in the script

else go to the begin

3. how to beginn the script again?

with the ocr i want to read in 5 postions the words an save them in

files. this works now.

please answer me in a simple english :-)



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i have a tiny exemple for chech file ... but for ocr maybe i have few ideea but is much to worck with you need to learn about pixels... maybe else peoples know ..

exemple for chech file ..

While 1

IF FileExists("location.test.tif") Then
            MsgBox(0,"Detect ","file exist - and start the ocr modul ")

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