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Preventing gui redraw

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Hi again

I think I am not understanding something with regards to _WinAPI_Redrawwindow. What I want to do is essentially lock my gui from redrawing regardless if a message is sent to the window until I say otherwise. Can someone help me get my head wrapped around this and if there is another method can you let me know.

I thought this would work. The first line would prevent redraws and the second line would force a redraw. I know the second line works....but how to prevent it? This is obviously wrong and I'm likely on a completely wrong track.



Thanks for the help

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To prevent redrawing or refreshing of a form or gui

be sure you have it selected by using GUISWITCH() if you have multiple forms

and use GUISetState(@SW_LOCK) and GUISetState(@SW_UNLOCK) to stop refreshing / repainting and to resume it once

your update is complete. I only found this by researching API calls and finding that other languages are using "disable" to work around this. Then when I looked up the other options for GUISetState, I found it. But could not find it by searching help or this forum.

I hope this post is detailed enough so that future searches will find it.


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