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I needed this last week when I went on holiday, and my only computer access was someone elses laptop, so I did a weekend of scripting using only the most basic tools, and if there's one thing I learnt from that, its never underestimate how amazing a decent test editor is, or syntax highlighting and... line numbers. you can guess what happened there :D .

anyhow, without any of the usual stuff we get in scite and other script editors, I wrote a very quick program for reading stdout on the fly, when I got home, I got bored, so I... um ... went to town a bit!

Might be useful to someone, features are: stay open on exit, freeze, snap to courners, a drag label, write to file, end the process, and close.

Oh, yer, and it flashes red when theres an error :D

debug.au3 ==> Downloads so far: 0x00FF01


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