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Guest cwj1979

I am new to AutoIt and would like to try some tutorials for writing scripts that will execute mouse actions. I am trying to develope something that will react to a program constantly running in the background and react to that information and execute a button command.

Anybody know of any good sites for tutorials like that? Also if anyone is really good at writing scripts I might be interested in paying for a script to be written. Anyone interested please e-mail me or reply to this post.

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My suggestion to you is..

First, read the FAQ for common items.

Second, look at the help file which is well documented.

Third, for some of the functions you are going to be concerned with mousemove, send, and rgb detection. So, I would work with these three areas and again, start in the help file.

When you find a function that looks interesting, there's an example that you can compile and play with. Then, change, test, change, test, and when you start to figure things out and have problems that you just can't figure out (that also aren't answered in the FAQ and help file), post them here in support.

Hope that helps. Also, if this is in regards to creating a gaming bot, you are in the wrong place.

Just an fyi..

[font="Optima"]"Those who heed life with speculation and contemplation, are the ones stuck home with constipation." - Joel[/font]

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What I was meaning was in regards to this post here by Jon:


Not sure if you remember me Larry but I used to be Elricstorm a long time ago and we spoke a few times on gaming bots. When the problems became so eratic, Jon closed the gaming forums and linked my website up. Eventually, I closed that site down.

Many people still use autoit for gaming bots. In fact, I've built some of the most interesting bots for SWG, EQ, EQ2, AO, and WoW. Unfortunately, once this discussion starts occurring more frequently, you are absolutely correct - most of them are impatient and don't want to wait for assistance. Also, you start to see a flood of "1 post" users on the boards.

I use autoit mainly for application distribution, and also created a neat tn3270 utility that I use to fix corrupted AMS mainframe sessions. I love autoit and love the people around the boards. They help me and I try to help others out, when I can.

Just giving him a heads up is all. But, if phrased in a non-gaming way, I guess anyone could talk about the invisible gaming bot.

[font="Optima"]"Those who heed life with speculation and contemplation, are the ones stuck home with constipation." - Joel[/font]

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I'm actually very interested in making script that runs in background,being invisible like.I posted a thread here,but i didn't get an answer i was looking for.My problem is that once i minimize window,or switch to other window,script continue to run in the window that is currently in use.....:)

Any idea's?I posted the whole script there.

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