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batch vs autoit3

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in batch u deflect a printer with

net use lpt1: \\server\HP4000

can I make it with autoit3 too? with the DriveMapAdd command?

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Straight from the help file...



Maps a network drive.

DriveMapAdd( "device", "remote share" [, flags [, "user" [, "password"]]] )


device The device to map, for example "O:" or "LPT1:". If you pass a blank string for this parameter a connection is made but not mapped to a specific drive. If you specify "*" an unused drive letter will be automatically selected.

remote share The remote share to connect to in the form "\\server\share".

flags [optional]

A combination of the following:

0 = default

1 = Persistant mapping

8 = Show authentication dialog if required

user [optional] The username to use to connect. In the form "username" or "domain\username".

password [optional] The password to use to connect.


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thx I have seen it to late that it work with DriveMapAdd

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