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Fake RAM Amount

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Does anyone know of a way to script falsifying the amount of RAM installed on a PC for an install.

I have a program that needs to be installed on many systems that all have little RAM. The program requires during the setup that at least 384 MB of RAM be installed. Some of these systems only have 256 so the install fails.

I know the easy answer is install more RAM. Ain't going to happen. Company has no budget.

The install should be fine I think, but would like to test more. in order to dot he testing to see if this would even work though I need to figur eout how to have the OS tell the app it has more RAM than it does.

I don't know this app but my first guess is the app queries WMI for amount of RAM?? If that's the case is there a way to set that WMI entry to something different until after the app is done?

Or if someone knows another way that would be good too?



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There are easier options :

1) Modify the install to pass the check.

2) Make your own alternative installer to copy the files and create the necessary registry values. Unless of course the original installer does some more intricate stuff ...

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