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Update dropdown box depending on which radio button is selected

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I have 5 radio buttons.

Depending on which radio button you choose, there will be a drop down box with different information in it.








The drop down list will always be displayed, but if you select radio1 the dropdown will have different selections inside of it then if you were to select radio2.

What I am trying to accomplish is similar to web forums where it asks you for your country. If you select united states, then it intelligently updates another drop down list with your state inside of it. But if you DIDN'T select united states, it would have different information in the next drop down list.

Once you have select your radio button and your drop down list.. there will be an "install" button below them and it needs to read which combination you have selected... IE... radio1 & dropdown item 4.... or.... radio3 & dropdown item 16 .. then run a script based on those variables.

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So you can use a switch case to see which radio is currently checked and set the drop-list content using a few simple functions or write the proper code directly into the specific case. You may want to look in the help file for _GUICtrlComboBox_ResetContent(), GUICtrlSetData(), GUIGetMsg(), etc...

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