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Loops not working

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Hi, i've worked with auto it for some time but i'm at a loss for words at the moment

i have a very simple for statement and yet it will not increment, i've tested it extensively

For $x = 1 To 3 Step 1


If StringInStr($title, $Groups[$x],2) <> 0 Then

Return False


Return True



the console writes 111111111 meaning it isn't incrementing from 1 to 3. i've tried msg box and a whole bunch of other tests with no luck

let me know if anyone has any ideas

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Whether that condition is true or false, the function will end (Return True/False).

So, the For loop never gets to the second iteration.

The only way for this code to produce repeating 1's is if your function is being called multiple times.

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Ahhh I figured it out. I am calling this function multiple times but i wanted it to search through a list of strings to match one and I didn't catch my return false error.

therefore, i moved the return false after the for loop.

Thanks a lot I was mind boggled.

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