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Grabbing text from VBA Dialogs in Excel

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Although I have only been using for a few days, I must say what a wonderful and intuitive tool this is. I am trying to test a Excel Macro written in VBA and rather than manually test it am trying to automate the process. However, I have hit a problem that I can't seem to find an answer for. Please bear in mind I am fairly new to the area, and although I have searched the forum, maybe I am missing the wood for the trees, so to speak.

Basically, I am testing a dialog based application, written in VBA. During the automation, I want to grab text from a list view within one of the dialogs in order to set up some test cases, but nothing seems to work.

I am using the AU3Info tool, and that can't locate the text either. All this tool tells me is that the class is of type "F3 Server 60000000". I tried using this in various functions (i.e., ControlGetText) but nothing seems to work, and,

$hwnd = ControlGetHandle('[CLASS:F3 Server 60000000]', '', '0')

returns a blank string, i.e. fail.

Any help - much appreciated.

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