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HTTP server

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I'm trying to write a simple basis for an HTTP server that I will be using in a future project.

So far, my host uses a simple code that will reply to an HTTP connection. However, I don't know how to send data back to the browser I am requesting data with.

$socket = TCPListen("",80,10)
$data = -1
MsgBox(0,"","socket created")
    $data = TCPAccept($socket)
Until $data <> -1
While 1
    $data1 = TCPRecv($data,9999)
    If @error then ExitLoop
    If $data1 <> "" and StringInStr($data1,"GET") = 1 then ;eventually it will only reply to specific requests
        MsgBox(0,"RECEIVED TRANSMISSION",$data1)

How simple is it to implement a response?

Thank you in advance :)

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