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Guest wlau

SysTreeView Support?

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Guest wlau


I was wondering if there was anyway to operate a SysTreeView GUI object class? I haven't been able to find any sort of support for it thus far. Anyone have any luck with this?



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operate in what way? sometimes ControlSend can accomplish stuff..



I would like to be able to operate a treeview not created by AutoIT in these ways:

1) retrieve the text of the currently selected treeview item

2) retrieve the rank of the item (level 1, level 2, etc.)

3) select an item based on either a number or a string (the only one of these that I can see ControlSend being potentially useful for)

Expanding/contracting is simple enough with ControlSend {Right} and {Left}. I'm asking about getting the same functionality out of a SysTreeView that you can get out of a SysListView.

Any ideas?


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